I’ve been very generous with my sewing in the last couple of months. After making a t-shirt for my husband last month, this time I’m back with complete outfits for my boys. I wanted to make something for them for a while, and Seb helped me pick up the fabric, choosing the colour and prints.

The shorts pattern is from #3/2018 Ottobre magazine. I loved the fly asymmetric design and I think overall it’s a really nice pattern. I find the shorts a bit too long and a bit too wide, but by next summer they should be just right.

I picked 1 meter of Robert Kaufman Essex Linen and Seb decided to go for crimson. His favourite colours are red and navy, so we picked navy Press Fasteners for the shorts fly. I needed 8 fasteners for both shorts and there were exactly 8 in the pack. Luckily all studs went in first time with no issue.

The linen is only 110cm wide, something I did not spot when I ordered the fabric. I panicked a bit when I noticed how narrow it was vs what I was expecting! The inner waistbands had to be cut in a different fabric, and the pocket linings are slightly off grain, but otherwise I am happy to report that I managed to fit both patterns in :)

I think these border jersey knits are very cute! Seb picked the zebras for himself and the koala for his little brother.

The fabric is sort of a double knit, more similar in weight to ponte rather than t-shirt jersey.

I used Burda 9407 as a pattern and it was ok. I think the neckline band is too long and the sleeve and hem bands are a bit shorter than they should be, but otherwise it’s a nice and quick pattern.

I used the full front pattern to make sure the placement of the zebras and the cute koala was just right.

It was fun playing around with the placement on the panel fabrics. I couldn’t fit both the sleeves and the back to have the same print all over. For Seb I decided to have the sleeves with Zebras and then the back has a print at the top and a print at the bottom. For Alex I did the opposite and I also made sure that all band had the turquoise stripe going around. I love the pop of colour.

I think I need a zebra jumper, that print is really cool.

My boys loved wearing full outfits made by me but not both of them enjoyed having pictures taken!

Seb "Take a picture!"

Alex "Stop it please!"