We love seeing birds come to our bird feeder all year-round, but I admit, we've never seen birds quite like these cuties before!


These were just so fun to make, because the whole point was to make them silly!

We started out by painting the styrofoam balls. These ones from Minerva are smooth and so much easier to paint than the bumpy kind. Did we choose typical bird-colors, like somber browns and beiges? Of course not! Some blue here, some pink here, and a little purple there!

I cut out the wings, beak, and feet from felt. I didn't use a stencil for the simple shape, which added to the whimsicalness of the finished product. We added googly eyes as well - I especially like the ones with one bigger eye and one smaller one!

But they were still missing that certain something. Going through out craft supplies I found some feathers. Perfect! We glued one feather on the top of the styrofoam. There - that's what they needed!

I made these with my 7 year old, Kay, but I'm not too ashamed to admit that I wouldn't have mind having some fun creating these by myself as well.

And the bonus part happened at the very end: Kay used our new birdie friends for some pretend play with, of all things, her Lego figures!

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