Hello everyone! 

Today's post is a tutorial is for a simple cushion with pompom trim! I love pompoms and this mini pompom trim is such a gorgeous addition (without being too over the top for my husband’s tastes!).  This cushion includes no fastening as we’ll be sewing the cushion pad safe inside – I love this fabric enough to assume I won’t want to change the cushion cover – you could easily include a zip or envelope closure if you wanted.

You will need

- 40cm cushion pad

- This beautiful beautiful geometric print cotton dress fabric (1m is plenty for 1 cushion)

Pompom trim in cerise (2m per cushion)

I absolutely love this fabric and I was so so happy when I found it online. I've bought the same design before but in a cotton lawn fabric more suitable for dressmaking. It also comes as a poplin fabric too, which is a medium weight (in-between the lawn and canvas). This version is the heavier weight canvas fabric, without being rough and I love the colourful but muted tones - perfect for autumn winter.  

1. Measure and mark out 2 squares the same size as your pillow onto the back of your fabric with room for a 1cm seam allowance.

2. Cut these out leaving a 1 cm seam allowance all the way round.

3. Pin your 2 squares together, 'right side' facing inwards, and sew along your original pencil outline for three sides, leaving one open.

4. Turn your cushion case the right way round.

5. Measure out the length of pompom trim needed to go all the way round the edge - add about 10cm spare just in case. Now line your trim up against the edge of the cushion, pin if you want to, and hand sew into place using back stitch, all the way around the 3 sides. For a neat finishing I added my pompom trim so it lay just in front of the seam.

6. Insert your cushion. Fold the raw edges of your final edge inside, pin and sew closed. Now hand stitch the rest of your beautiful pompom trim along the final edge of your cushion!

And here's your finished cushion! Happy Crafting!