Hello! It is that time of the month where I share some fabric from Minerva Crafts. Let me just say, it is pretty difficult to photograph a pair of conker brown trousers in the January light but I have done my best.

They are sailor trousers from the Simple Sew 4 in 1 pattern named The Shannon collection but you could use this pattern here or here for a similar flat front, side zip and high waisted trouser.

Even thought they are high waisted in style, I still took some out of the depth because I am short waisted. In fact, the whole pattern was a bit of a gamble for me to try in the first place but I have been so lucky that the body part fits really well without any adjustments. I cut a UK 14 to allow plenty of hip and thigh room but had to take the waist in a little.

I used the buttons on the pockets not only as decor but I stitched straight through the top ones to stop the pockets gaping when I sit down. It works well like this. I remembered to measure my hand to check I could still get in them!

The bottoms were far too wide and large for me so I took them in and hemmed them according to the shoes I will be wearing with them. The fabric is really good and looks very smart. 

The fit on the back is brilliant considering I didn't make any crotch seam mods. They are easy to move around in (as shown!)

They make great work trousers for Winter. 

Here are the details. The Fabric pressed really well and has a fuss free mat finish. I cut the fabric with pinking shears because it frays quite quickly but other than that, a great winter fabric.

Do you know, I didn't have high hopes for these half way through making them but now they are finished, I totally love them. 

Thanks for looking. Jo xxxx