I’ve been sewing for just over a year now, so I have quite a few handmade garments under my belt. However, I’ve only worn about 5 of these items more than once because I had never really planned to make anything that would compliment my everyday wardrobe. Typically, I like to wear quite neutral colours and prints so I knew I needed sew with more plain fabrics and this ivory Double Georgette Fabric was perfect for the job. It’s a wrinkle-resistant, slightly sheer, drapey fabric that I think perfectly suits blouses like the one I’ve made for this month’s project.
The pattern is Simplicity 1107, which features a quadrant-style block detail at the front, with a hem that dips down from the hips into a cascading back piece. I thought the front seams to be an interesting way to add structure to a simple floaty blouse. You can make the blouse sleeveless or with elbow-length sleeves, but with summer on the horizon I thought a sleeveless blouse would be a good addition to my wardrobe.
The garment is made from four pattern pieces cut into one back piece, two side panels, two ‘upper front’ and two ‘lower front’ pieces. The instructions were easy to follow and the construction nice and simple. Nothing in this pattern is particularly technical as there are no facings, linings or fastenings. If you choose a sheer fabric like I did, or use lace like suggested on the pattern, it’s definitely worth keeping the seam finishes neat. I used an overlocker, but I’m still not keen on how easily the seam allowance is seen from the right-side of the garment, though this is to be expected with a sheer blouse.
Overall, while the fabric was what I wanted it to be I feel like I made a bad pattern choice for it. In hindsight, a slightly less sheer fabric would be better suited for this top as the seam allowances do distract from what should have been a minimal feature of the blouse. Also, I feel like the addition of side panels made the blouse stick out at the sides, and the line made from the seam makes the waist look wider than it is, especially as this seam lands on the outer hip. I felt like this blouse made me look a bit wider than I actually am, and I don’t think there are many women that would find this a flattering feature!
The sizing of the pattern is perfect though, but due to how loose-fitting the blouse is I would have been surprised if it didn’t fit well, but I found the blouse to sit well on my arms and shoulders. It was a very quick sew, even for me, and I made it in just a couple of hours. If I was to make it again, I think I’d make it in a darker colour like navy or black, or in a less sheer fabric in a  light colour like white or blush pink. I’d pay a bit more attention to the sewing tension too as there are quite a few distracting puckers on my seams which take away from the look.