Hello everyone!

I am happy to be back on the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network with another project.

On this occasion I chose to make a top using the 1280 Simplicity Sewing Pattern version B, with this ladies print woven viscose challis Dress Fabric and some Prym Iron on Decorative Fashion Squares.

Being a viscose I started by washing my fabric, especially since, recently, I have been advised by a friend that viscose shrinks over a few washes, so, I suggest you wash it a few times before you start working with it. As I made this top before, I decided that I wanted to lengthen the sleeves by about 5 cm. And this was the only modification I made to the pattern. I cut based on the finished garment measurements a size small.

I was quite pleased that the neckline pattern has notches that tell you where to place your front pieces to make it even. I mention this because, in the past I used a similar pattern from an independent designer that did not use notches and my from ended being un-balanced because of this.

Please keep in mind that the seam allowance around the neckline is 1cm not 1.5cm when you staystitch your neckline to keep it from stretching out. I totally forgot this, and did not check the instructions, so I had to unpick it later. Not fun, as I had to make sure not to damage the fabric once the bias binding was in place.

Another detail that I liked with this pattern, was that the instructions advise you to stitch the front pieces together for about 4-5 cm so that you don’t flash anyone while you are wearing this top.

Because I am a big fan of pretty insides I finished the raw edges as I got along with the construction.

Because I did not pay attention and the fabric was a bit slippery while making the casting for the elastic on the sleeves and bottom, I ended with a casting a bit to small for the 1cm elastic to go through. But in the end I got there. I’ll need to remember to make it a bit wider next time.

With this make I thought of trying to use some iron on decorative squares. Just for the fun of it. In hindsight, due to the fabric being so busy they are not so obvious. So, I think these are best used on solid colours, as they will show off better.

I am quite happy with the finished top. Because on the first make I used stretch fabric, I did not realise the top is a bit to fitted on my bust. But as long as I don’t wear push up bras I’ll be ok.

Although, I am not usually making the same pattern more than once or twice, I do like the style of this one. And the fabric is so nice and soft. I keep thinking it’s like cutting with a hot knife through butter. I know a bit strange, however, this keeps popping in my mind when touching this fabric.

Sewing Summary:

Pattern: Simplicity 1280 view B

Fabric: just under 2m of viscose challis Fashion Fabric

Notions: 1,2m of 1cm wide Elastic, 2 packs of Prym Iron on Decorative Fashion Squares

Sewing time: about 3 hours including I already has my paper pieces cut out as I made this top before.

Modifications: added 5cm to the sleeve to make them long sleeved.

Fit: quite happy with the fit, though the top is a bit tight on the bust.

Difficulty: quite simple

Watch out for: keep in mind that the neckline seam allowance is 1 cm not 1,5 when you staystitch your neckline. I forgot this, and had to unpick it after I sews the bias onto the top. Need to remember to make the elastic castings a tad wider next time.

Make Again?: Yes.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. And please do share your makes on Instagram/Twitter by tagging @MinervaCrafts or using the hashtag #MinervaMakes. I’d love to see what you create.


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