There is no denying the fact that I have hips. Every women’s magazine I’ve ever read that suggested “dressing for your shape” would have told me that cropped wide-legs with pleats is all wrong for my supposed category of fruit. They can, respectfully, shove it. I made them anyway.
The pattern is Simplicity 8092, and in all seriousness, I have always avoided trousers like this because I thought they wouldn’t suit me. But lately, I don’t know, I’ve seen similar styles looking great on sewists of all shapes and sizes and I thought, ‘well, why not me?!’ I made a straight size 14, based on my hip measurement, and I feel like the fit is actually quite good, but if I made another I might tweak the booty slightly to give myself a bit more room. To compare to another pattern I’ve sewn, the Holly trousers from By Hand London, I prefer the front pleats and wide, curved waistband of these, but the derriere is better in my Hollys. Live and learn. I compared the pattern pieces of both, I think if I moved the zipper to a side seam and omitted the pockets, they would actually be very similar, but I do want the pockets. Another pattern I’ve noticed with a similar style and clever side closure is the Megan Neilsen Flint. Part of the reason I wanted to make these was because I have made several colourful crop tops over the last year or so, but didn’t have many neutral high-waisted trousers to wear with them (yes, I suppose I consider solid red a neutral). The other reason is just that they're a fun alternative to jeans. Even with this cut-up old t-shirt, for instance, they feel quite playful to me, but with jeans I’d be cleaning the house.
Which brings me to the fabric. The gorgeous, gorgeous fabric. I’ve used the Art Gallery Fabrics Chambray Denim in cherry crimson, and I wish you could feel it. It’s incredibly soft, but feels like it will hold up well. It’s nicely opaque, and has just enough crispness for things like shirtdressess, trousers, boxy tops - I can imagine using this in a million different ways. It’s yarn-dyed, as you can see here, giving this lovely muted red. 
I *maybe* have enough leftover to make a matching crop top if I cut thriftily, or possibly something for my kids, but I do know I will not be wasting a single scrap. It’s even a decent weight to save really tiny scraps for all those quilts I will make someday.
In terms of sewing, I am going to admit that this one gave me trouble, and I’m not sure why. I attached all the pockets backwards. Then overlocked. I had unexplained zipper trouble. I came this-close to leaving a hot iron on them, because I forgot what I was doing. So, my sewing week has been unusually stressful, but it’s all ok in the end. I’ve worn heels for some of these photos, but realistically, I know I will end up in sandals most of the time. I love the side silhouette especially.
So that’s my July project! A hardworking wardrobe piece, in another luxurious fabric! Sewing is just awful, isn’t it?
Thanks again for reading. See you next month!
Jo xx