Hello all!
For this month’s MCBN project I requested the following navy Suiting Fabric, with a pair of trousers in mind. I had recently seen Mimi G’s posts about her latest pattern release and thought the Simplicity 8749 Trouser Pattern would be a great one to add to my me-made working wardrobe.
The fabric is gorgeous - it’s a 100% wool crepe suiting, with a nice weight and a lovely drape to it. I used a silk organza pressing cloth and lots of steam, and the fabric pressed really nicely, as you might expect from pure wool. As soon as the trousers were finished I found myself wanting to order some more for a matching suit jacket. I think I’m very likely to do this, especially having seen Mimi G’s Grey Suit made from this pattern. Luckily the fabric is re-orderable!
Trousers can be quite intimidating to sew, mainly because of the notorious difficulty we can face in making them actually fit! I have only made a few pairs and I definitely want to get to the point where I shake that mental reservation that has made me subconsciously avoid making them. They’re just so practical for winter, and because of all the fitting issues I’ve had with RTW trousers I think they’re well worth investing the time to perfect.
I have a post on my blog about my approach to fitting these trousers, in case that’s of interest. I definitely recommend investing in a good fitting reference and taking your time with trouser fitting. I feel like once I have nailed the fit of this pattern (and to be honest, I’m happy enough with how this first pair has turned out), it will be my go-to ‘slim leg work trouser’ pattern, which will save a lot of time going forwards!
The great thing about this pattern is that the instructions are detailed and clear. Mimi G also has a sew-along on her website for this pattern, but I didn’t actually watch that as I got on just fine with the written instructions. And this is only the second trouser fly I’ve ever sewn, so that should tell you something! 
The pattern features a couple of cute cutout details that add interest to the trousers - with angled split hems and a little cutout on the waistband at the centre back.
I did add a few personal touches which weren’t on the instructions. I stitched a couple of rows of edge stitching on the pocket openings, and used my favourite waist band finish - binding the lower edge of the waistband with this lovely Floral Bias Tape rather than tucking it into the waistband itself. I really like this finish, not just because it looks pretty, but because it makes for flatter waistband seam with less bulk tucked into the waistband itself. I used the same bias tape to bind the lower edges of the pocket. Oh, and I opted for a gold button from my stash rather than a hidden trouser hook and bar.
(In case you’re wondering - I used a random burgundy zip from my stash because I’d ordered an invisible zip with my project kit before I settled on this pattern, which needs a regular zip. Thankfully the zip is completely hidden behind the fly and no-one will ever know but me… and now the internet).
This was a relatively quick make. Other than the initial fitting/pattern preparation, most of the assembly time was spent on preparing the trouser fronts - with the pockets, the Hong Kong binding on the pockets, and then the assembly of the front zipper fly. Once that was done, all that was left was to stitch up the side seams, attach the waistband, and hem the trousers. 
I’m really pleased with the finished trousers - I think they’re a great pair of work trousers which would work well in different suiting fabrics. I will definitely be making more. In short, I would definitely recommend both the pattern and the fabric! 
Thanks Minerva, for the project kit, and thank you for reading. Until next time, happy sewing!