Hi everyone! I’m so honoured to be a member of Minerva Crafts Blogger Network that I’m bursting with excitement! If you haven’t heard of me before, my name is Sophie and I’m writing on my own blog over at sopbac.com. Other than that I sew (duh).

I’ve done guest posts for Minerva crafts earlier which you can read about here and here, other than that I’ve also done product reviews of Prym Ironing Mat, Duchess Embroidery Thread and my latest review was of this gorgeous floral embroidered Cotton Lawn Fabric.

I got married last month so when I got the news of becoming one of #MCBN I had to think it through that I had the time to execute it. Vicki was super supportive and said I could delay it until next month as well, but I'm determined so here I am.

I figured I’d make something simple and elegant. I’ve seen the Ogden cami by True Bias everywhere recently. I love how it fits on slimmer women, but not sure how it would turn out on my pear-shape body. Why not try? It couldn’t hurt. So I made two of it.

This first Ogden cami I made was out of this luxurious floral crepe Dressmaking Fabric designed by John Kaldor. The fabric has no give so it was a bit snug for the loosely design the pattern intended, but not enough to bother me.

It has an amazing body and therefore drapes beautifully around my bust and hips. Another wonderful thing about this fabric is that it doesn’t wrinkle easily. I literally packed it in my suitcase and put it on for the photos when I got home to my parents.

The second cami I made was with this light weight floral Viscose Challis Fabric. The Ogden cami called for a light weight and drapey fabric. So, I figured I could at least try with the John Kaldor fabric and if that failed miserably, I at least had one garment I could use. Lucky for me they both turned out great!

The viscose is a fantastic summer weather fabric. It breathes and is so light and soft against your skin. As I look through my photos I realised I’m in a navy blue zone, right now. I’m sorry in advance for all the upcoming navy blue garments from me!

I love the simplicity of this garment. It has a very soft V-shape neckline at the back as well as the front. And the neckline isn’t too deep for you to be needing to think about wearing a special bra for it. Gold.

I try to highlight my waistline in my makes because I think it’s the best feature my body has since I’m a pear-shaped woman. But lately I’ve been pushing my boundaries to try new things and I like it. Sometimes I’ve failed, but I always learn from my mistakes.

I made the Ogden cami in a straight up size 10, with the only modification that I lengthen the bodice a bit to fit me better. I usually make a size 8 since that fits me better, but that’s because I’ve always made full skirts, so the hip measurements don't count., but since I have to take the hips into consideration I decided to size the whole thing up rather than grading it out. Lucky me it fits! Because the finished hip measurements were smaller than my actual bottom.

I will truly recommend the fabrics and the pattern if you don’t have much time but want something simple. I think it took me about an hour to make a cami from start to finish!