Hi there! I’ve got a new make to show you today which may initially seem rather unseasonal; however, I’m going to champion its cause as the new belle of the party season!

I’ve chosen to make the Sallie jumpsuit by Closet Case Files, in a gloriously drapey black viscose Jersey Fabric. Regular readers of my blog will know this is actually the 4th version of this pattern I’ve made; I started with a culottes length jumpsuit, hacked a playsuit version for a poolside cover up, and tried the tank top option with the maxi skirt to make a dress. We’re talking serious value for money here, people!

All of these were summer holiday makes. So why am I showing you this in November? Because it occurred to me when selecting what I wanted to make for the last three months that actually, in the right fabric, this would be pretty on trend as a piece of going out wear and would also have the added benefit of being total secret pyjamas.

Win win, am I right?

The fabric in question has a great deal of drape and feels beautifully smooth and soft. This makes it tricker than average to sew but an absolute dream to wear so well worth it in my book. It also makes it perfect party wear; there’s something about it that elevates it above being “just” a jersey jumpsuit.

The pattern is really straightforward to pull together. I did adjust the trousers on the very first pair I made, cutting the pattern piece at the lengthen/shorten line on front and back and adding a total of 2” in length. It’s a fairly simple adjustment to make, but it seems a lot of people have to adjust the crotch depth on this pattern so look out for it. I also graded up one size between bust and waist and another between waist and hip, simply by drawing a smooth line on the pattern pieces.

I genuinely really love this pattern; with two different trouser lengths, a skirt and two different bodice styles included, you can have a lot of fun with it. It is a little tricker to sew than some other jersey patterns simply because of the hip pockets, but that really doesn’t mean it’s hard.

I also really like the instructions, which are clear and come up with a couple of good suggestions of ways to do things. For example, it suggest stabilising the neckline and the pockets with stretch interfacing rather than clear elastic, which I find so much easier to do and also gives a really great finish.

With the right accessories, I will definitely be rocking this for some of the Christmas socialising.  And with luck, I’ll also wear it to death next summer too; what’s not to love?

Apart from the fact that plain black garments are nigh on impossible to get good photos of; sorry about that!

Thanks Minerva for the supplies to make this wardrobe workhorse!

Becca x