Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well and that the January chill hasn’t gotten the better of you. I’ve been spending my weekends lying on my sofa in ratty sweatpants, watching Netflix and hoping that spring might make an appearance, soon-ish.

I always find it surprising, that I’ll spend hours on a garment, that I get to wear a handful of times… and chose to live in hole infested RTW tracksuits on the weekends, when I don’t want to leave the house. This year, I decided that enough is enough and that I would sew myself some pretty loungewear that not only looks great, but feels great, too.

Enter the Named Patterns Sloane Sweater and the True Bias Hudson Pants. I chose this super soft Lady McElroy Fleece-Backed Sweatshirting Fabric in the most amazing forest green color, to make myself a tracksuit of dreams. I sewed the tracksuit in one day and most of it, with my overlocker. (Yes, we’re friends again! HAHAHA)

I made a Sloane Sweater in December as a test run and haven’t taken it off. The fit is really great, I love the neckline and most importantly, the neckband fits into the neckline…. No more inserting the neckband only to rip it out 5 times, because it is too loose… and then too tight. The darts keep the sweater from looking too baggy and it’s also a super quick make. Cutting it out and sewing it together on my overlocker took less than 1.5 hours, which of course means I will be sewing an entire army of these sweatshirts in the near future.

The Hudson pants, are SUPER EASY to make, I was really surprise about that. I’ve had this pattern in my stash since it was released (3 year ago???) and can’t believe I felt intimidated by it. It has very few pattern pieces and once you’ve inserted the pockets, you’re nearly done sewing the sweat pants! The pattern has you sew buttonholes in the waistband for the Cord, I didn’t trust my sewing machine to do a good job, sewing button holes on the sweat shirting and opted instead to use my trusty Prym Plyers and these Eyelets for a more RTW look. I do recommend ironing on some fusible interfacing on the wrong side of the holes, beforehand to avoid things stretching out, before you can insert the hardware. I left off the triple topstitching on the waistband… because once again, I was worried my sewing machine would misbehave. Time for an upgrade, methinks.

Things you should take into consideration when using this fabric: It doesn’t have a lot of stretch, you will have to size up on the cuffs… or else you will have trouble getting your feet and ankles through the cuffs. Don’t ask me how I know….. I didn’t do this for the neckband and forced my head through the opening a few times and now it fits perfectly - and no the neckline is not stretched out! That being said, I love my new tracksuit and will be making at least another one, shortly. And in case you were wondering, the RTW tracksuits have been binned, since they no longer spark joy.

Sleepless in Bavaria