Hello all! I was in dire need of some lounge shorts just to throw on to wear around the house so that’s what I decided my next Minerva Make would be. I love using fun prints in my loungewear, dinos and polar bears to name a few. This time I decided that sloths could have a turn. I chose the pink colourway in this Cotton Jersey Fabric and actually really really love it. It has a good weight and a lovely soft feel to it.
This was supposed to be a fairly quick and easy project, but of course it didn’t turn out that way. I used an existing pair of leggings that I had lying around for the base pattern, but I didn’t take into account how tight they were verses how tight I actually wanted my shorts to be. I ended up butting together the side seams and zigging down the line to join them, which gave me a good 2cm of ease back on each side because I didn’t have to use it as seam allowance.
I was originally going to have white bias around the hems and side seams like 118 shorts but I was worried about the white slowly turning an unappetizing grey in the wash so finished the edges with facings instead. Of course when I tried them on and all the facings were on I decided that they were too long so all of the facings and topstitching had to be unpicked and done again which was a pain!
I’m not quite sure how I feel about the new curve at the side seams. It would be better I think if the curve started a bit further down. Ah well, niggles aside they do the job of lounge shorts perfectly!

Thanks very much to Minerva for providing the supplies for this make and to Ryan for taking photos!