Well, hello there! Bit different since I last wrote, isn’t it? If you follow me on Instagram, you know that this time last month, when I should have posted this project, I was really rather unwell! There’s this bug going around, you may have heard about it? The recovery has been surprisingly slow, but I’m definitely miles better, and sewing again! I started this project before I got sick, and finished it afterward: they’re the Smooth Sailing Trousers by Wearing History, in this delicious Brussels Washer Linen in Pear. This month has emphatically not been smooth sailing, but the trousers are!
The pattern is inspired by/based on 1930’s sportswear, but with a few modern fit adjustments. The main modernisation I notice is the crotch rise. If you’ve ever sewn ’30’s or ’40’s trousers, you may have noticed that the crotch was, shall we say, roomy? These definitely don’t have that excessive bagginess. Otherwise, I find the fit to run true to size - snug even - and the wide-leg feels perfect to me. Very Katherine Hepburn.
I could sew my whole wardrobe for my whole life, and never tire of this Robert Kaufman Brussels Washer Linen. It’s 55% linen, and 45% rayon, which gives it the beautiful homely character of linen, and the easygoing drape of rayon. It’s soft, it’s easy to work with, easy to wear, and with a good shake-out it’s not overly fussy in terms of ironing (as linen goes). I love it. I could order it again and again, and never be bored. This colour is lovely too. It’s a a true mid-tone chartreuse, not too acid or neon, and I find it tricky to photograph, but this is about right. 
I did my normal fit adjustments. Graded between sizes from hip to waist, shortened significantly. I left a little extra length so I could do cute little cuffs. The cuffs are tacked down to keep them from flopping around, and the waistband is hand finished, but otherwise it’s a very straightforward, quick sew. My only complaint, and it’s my own fault, is the zipper match. I ordered green, thinking it would be close enough, but I would have been better off with yellow. I will swap it out one of these days, but probably not until I make my next haberdashery stock-up order. Remember popping out to get a zipper? Me neither. You can see the zip quite clearly, which is annoying, but never mind. 
Obviously vintage styling is an option. The pattern comes with a lovely blouse too. I do plan on wearing these for work someday. But just for myself, here in quarantine, it’s an old crop top and cardi. Couldn’t be simpler, but I feel like this gorgeous fabric does all the work for me: the colour is cheerful, the texture relaxed. That’s really all I want right now.
Thank you, as always, for reading! And thanks to my friends at Minerva for their support and patience!
Jo xx