Hi there! Welcome to my latest post for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network!

I don’t know about you, but for me the beginning of the year tends to be all about cosiness and comfort. Christmas is over, the weather tends to be pretty grey and it’s a long way to the holidays: comfort is essential!

Enter the Heather dress. This recent pattern from Sew Over It is one I bought almost immediately as it launched towards the end of last year. Its combination of super comfy recommended fabric with a smarter than usual style really appealed. Also, pockets!

As the dress features princess seams front and back, with hidden pockets in the front seam, I decided to try colour blocking and chose two shades of Ponte Roma Fabric, purple and marl grey. I was really pleased with them when they arrived, they’ve both got enough body to skim over lumps and bumps whilst stretching enough for the pattern. Interestingly, although they’re both just different shades of the same fabric, the grey has more body than the purple.

I decided that the grey would look better (more slimming?!) on the side seams with the purple down the centre of the dress. I’ve since seen several similar colour combinations in the shops, so I’m feeling quite happy about my choice!

The instructions were reasonably clear to follow. Sadly, I decided to attempt to sew up the pocket area whilst tired and full of cold, which resulted in my sewing the pocket bag to the wrong side of the side panel, overlocking it and THEN realising what I’d done. Cue rather a lot of bad language and half an hour of careful unpicking! You can still see that one side isn’t as neat as the other.

I sewed the dress on my sewing machine, using a Ball Point Sewing Needle and walking foot. I find this much easier than using my overlocker to sew (I’m still getting comfortable with it) but I do use it to finish all the seams, which giving a much more professional looking finish.

I initially tacked the front bodice seams together as I’d read a few reviews online that said they’d found excess fabric in the front. Clearly I’ve eaten more pies than those ladies, as I found it pretty much a perfect fit straight out of the packet. I was really surprised, as I’ve previously had to amend Sew Over It dress patterns for the bodice section, but I wasn’t about to argue!

This photo would suggest I could use a small sway back adjustment, but I’m prepared to live with it as is.

The pattern suggests a 2cm hem for this dress: I probably doubled it as, when it was at that point, I decided that the colour choice made it look rather more formal than I’d intended. I’ve recently changed teams at work and no longer have to wear business dress to the office (something I’m still getting my head around!) so I didn’t want it to look too smart. In my head, the shorter hemline makes the difference!

I’m really pleased with the finished dress; it’s comfy and warm, it fits well and I’m comfortable wearing it with boots for work. I’ll definitely be getting my wear out of this one!

Thanks Minerva!

Becca x