Hi, all crafty people. How is the weather where you are? Here it’s full-on autumn. The leaves have fallen and it has been minus degrees all week long. It has snowed a couple of times, but it not settled. At least it hasn’t snowed and then rained, a classic this time of year, making everything so slippery. I really enjoy this cold period before the snow comes, it’s somehow peaceful. 

When it’s cold outside, the best thing is to snuggle up inside the fireplace with a good book and hot chocolate. The best garments to wear during this time is comfortable knitted dresses. This is where my make this month comes in. 

My wardrobe needed more knitted dresses. I’ve had this pattern, the Mayfair dress from Nina Lee Patterns, for a while now and it seems like the perfect time to make it. I’ve only made the Portobello trousers from Nina previously, and I was positively surprised by her method of making simply constructed garments into fashionable pieces. I had the same experience with the Mayfair dress pattern. 

I made the knee-length version with the long sleeves. I’m not sure I like how loose the bodice is, but I like the simple collar. The strip of elastic in the front middle of the waist is very interesting as well. 

The fabric I choose for the pattern is this beautiful textured Ponte Roma knit fabric in a bottle green colour. Minerva also has this fabric in terracotta, which looks like a burnt orange. The fabric contains viscose, elastane and polyester. It is 136 cm in width and I needed two meters to make this dress and even had some tiny piece left over.

The pattern and fabric worked very nicely together and complimented each other. I didn’t do many alterations to the pattern other than lengthening the bodice with 3 cm. The dress was a very quick make. I started sewing the dress at ten in the morning and finished the dress around four. This is with a lunch break and an hour yoga with a friend. So in total, it took me about four hours to finish the dress after cutting it out. I recond the longest part was turning the waist tie to the right side. 

I like the dress, and the fact that it is a knitted one gives it an extra star in my book for the season. It is comfortable, flattering and work-appropriate. I hope my months make has been inspiring you to make up a comfortable and flattering garment for the season. I can’t believe it is November already, and we need to start preparing for the Christmas in under a month. For my December make, I’m getting really comfortable. Tune in next month and see!