This month I’m sharing my second make of a previous Sewing Pattern – the Burda 6732 relaxed fit dress. 

My last version of this dress was in a bold lobster batik print and I loved the fit, although my fabric choice was fairly stiff so not so suitable for casual daywear. 

I found this Jersey Fabric (a grey textured Ponte Roma Stretch Jersey) while trawling Minerva Crafts for inspiration (a favourite pastime of mine). When I bought it I hadn’t even decided what I was going to sew but I thought it looked so so wearable and soft… and I was right.

The Burda 6732 pattern includes two versions of the same loose-fitting dress with variations on sleeve, neckline, and pockets. It’s a fairly simple and classic shape so it’s really all about the fabric choice to dramatically change the style. As my Rock Lobster dress felt quite formal I decided to go with the more casual variation (design B) which includes longer loose-fitting sleeves, a V-neck and big patch pockets. I should mention that I ended up leaving out the pockets again – I am a huge fan of a pocket on a dress but I just wasn’t feeling it this time round.

I love this fabric – it’s super soft just feels gorgeous to work with. I love the textured effect and the fact there’s some really soft pink tones hidden in the grey. I knew from the moment I started sewing this was going to be a hit!

The only part of this design I have a big old question mark over is the belt. Both times I’ve sewn this dress I’ve tried running nylon cord and ribbon through the waist to cinch in the final shape. Both times I’ve felt the final effect was either a little doll-like… or was channelling hessian sack (mainly when I used cord – I should have known better). The design on the front of the pattern uses ribbon and looks great so I think this may be more down to personal taste and/or colour choices. I think I’ve now found a ribbon tone I’m happy with (silver on grey – perfect for May) but I’m planning to make a more structured belt using black necklace cord and macramé style knotting so I have another option.

When I completed the dress I tried it on and the sleeves were huge. They are designed to be quite loose and flowing and in a lighter fabric look great but with the jersey I felt like they added a lot of width to my final silhouette. I decided to make them a much closer fit and as you can see in the photo I took about 4 inches off the sleeve in total. I am really happy with the outcome - particularly as I made the adjustment in about ten minutes one morning before work (it could have gone horribly wrong…). I’ve already worn this dress 3 times since finishing it – so a big thumbs up from me.

Hope you like it!