This month I have been making trunks for my husband. I’m always quite shocked at the quality of the trunks he has when I’m washing and ironing them, and he buys relatively high priced trunks. The construction is very simple when you inspect them, but often seems quite shoddy and they don’t last long before seams come a bit unravelled. So I bought the Comox Trunks Pattern from Thread Theory as it looked very similar to what he would choose in RTW.

His trunks are all cotton elastane or cotton Lycra or similar, so I used three perfect stretch cotton jerseys for my trial.

This lovely turtle Fabric, the grey with airplane design and his favourite – the whales.

All three are perfect for trunks and are lovely and soft to wear (he tells me).

I enjoyed making them very much. The construction is very straight forward and I make the first pair very much as a toile. They were too big so I needed to size down for the next two. Also he didn’t like that the legs were a little short so I created a leg cuff pattern piece for the next pairs which he much prefers. The other big modification I made was to the fly – I hadn’t noticed that his shop bought trunks don’t have a fly opening and he found the opening on the first pair I made very annoying and not in the right place (too much Information) so for the next pairs I omitted the fly opening and made cut two of the crotch pieces instead of the pattern piece for the opening. Perfect result.

There wasn’t a huge amount if information in the pattern for finishing the seams and raw edges so I did my own thing as usual. I used the overlocker, the coverpro and the sewing machine for a variety of finishes and for neatness.

The choice of Elastic for the waistband is critical I think. This soft plush elastic is brilliant as it’s comfy next to the skin but some elastics aren’t. I chose just one colour for all three pairs of trunks and it seems to work well. I also wanted to put a label in them but thought my regular labels might be a little too scratchy for his poor sensitive back (!) so went with a soft cotton ribbon with flamingoes on – perfect bit of girly.

He says they are the most comfy trunks he has and I may get round to making him some more one day. They wash and wear very well and are a pleasure to iron! And I love that he’s wearing hand made underwear as they look so much better than his shop bought pairs.

I recommend the pattern and this lovely cotton elastane. If would also be perfect for baby clothes, tee shirts and leggings – and comes in all sorts of designs.

Until next month – happy sewing.

Ali x