Hello all,

So, this is what I hoped would be my 'simple' Minerva make - you know, after the trauma of last month!

And I guess it was (simple, that is)

The plan was to make a Tilly & the Buttons Coco Dress.

I thought - it's simple, it's quick, and it's similar to what I wear to work on a daily basis, and aren't we all always going on about how we need to sew sensible pieces that we will use everyday?

But of course nothing ever goes to plan!

Before we go anywhere, let me show you the dress.

I would like to forewarn you that I look mad as hell, but I was actually channeling a moody ambiance for the photo shoot. Cheery photos didn't feel right for 'the look', lol.

You may notice a few things about this dress, the first probably being that it is definitely not a Coco dress.

The dress did indeed begin it's life as a Coco.

But it was god awful on me.

Basically, I decided that I would make a Coco, but I didn't want it to be as short as drafted as I'm not one for the short skirts. So I added 4" in the 'shorten/lengthen' line. and then followed the line of the upper waist down to the hem, but marginally wider (about 5/8").

I think this was my first mistake.

My second mistake was trying to make the dress reversible.

Because, as you may not realise, this is actually the wrong side of the fabric.

I had ordered the grey embossed floral ponte di roma fabric, but the dress in my head was nothing like the dress on me. The picture also makes the fabric look a bit shinier and more metallic.

Anywho, as the plain grey was so nice, I had this wonderful idea of flat-felling the seams to make the dress reversible. Lets just say all that remains of that idea are some flat-felled shoulders I couldn't be bothered to unpick (again)

But it was only when I started putting the dress together did I only realise fully how the fabric didn't suit me. So I abandoned the reversible.

Only once I had the dress finished did I realise how awful the dress was on me.

Honestly, I think the main problem was those 4 extra inches of length.

It was drafted to sit at the point it does for a reason.

So I basically started drew around a pencil skirt from my wardrobe and kept taking the dress in bit by bit until it gave a nice silhouette.

I think you'll agree it turned out pretty ok!

It's super comfy, and cosy to wear. I'm definitely going to be looking at more ponte roma for the future - but I'll probably stick to plain colours next time!

But I definitely think I'm a knit convert now!

Emmie x