‘Spots and knots’ reminds me of Dr Seuss’ ‘Fox in socks’ so whenever I wear this top I think on Fox in socks and Knox in box with blocks and clocks!

I had different plans for this fabric but they didn’t work out. I was going to copy a friend's rtw top but life happened and we didn’t meet in time for this to be ready, so I went to my beloved Burda collection, flipped through and found the one. This pattern has been on my list for a long time, its time has finally come.

The fabric is a very light knit but it was surprisingly easy to work with. The spots make it easy to align the grain and it doesn’t roll. My serger was not very happy when going over one layer of fabric only, it must be too thin maybe? But then my serger is not very happy in general. I had it serviced recently and they said I should stop using the Moon thread I’ve been using so far (so many colours!) and get some overlocking/finer thread.

My sewing machine had no problems with the weight of the fabric. I’ve even sewn the hems with a double needle and there was no tunneling as long as the stitch was long enough and both needle points went through 2 layers of fabric.

I had one problem with the pattern and I’m not sure if it’s because the fabric is much lighter than the pattern was designed for? You’re supposed to finish the edge of the front piece all the way along the neckline and between 2 notches on the inside seam, right above that diagonal seam going down on the front. Then the diagonal seam is supposed to be sewn from the notches down. On my top, those notches ended up way to far from the actual knot, so I was left with a big gap under it. The edge was already finished with a double needle, so the seam under the know looks a bit messy.

If I did this again I would probably not finish that edge at all since knits rarely fray anyway. I think it would look nice in a striped fabric, the front pattern piece is shaped like an L, so the stripes would meet at different angles.

I had 2 meters of this fabric and there’s a bit left. I love spots so I will probably make something from what’s left. Maybe a loose top to wear over a sports bra when running. The weight and composition is suitable for that I think.

Actually, I think this top would work nice as an overlay as well. The styling here is a bit edgy with all the black everywhere but I think it would look equally nice over a light strappy summer dress.