Five years ago I made my first Nettie bodysuit. It was a warm cream with black polka dots, almost the negative image of this fabric. I loved that Nettie but not long after making it I had a baby and I didn’t hope to be able to wear it again, so I gave it to my younger, taller, slimmer, beautiful sister.

I’m always cold so I love wearing bodysuits in the winter to keep my back cosy and warm. I really wanted a new one so I printed the pattern again  and traced a size larger than my last one. I wanted to recreate my first Nettie so I started looking for polka dot fabrics. There are several spotted jersey knits on the Minerva website, some in very bright colours which caught my eye instantly. I eventually decided to go with a more toned down fabric, but I might make a brighter one soon!

The fabric I went for is this almost abstract Art Gallery jersey knit called Dotted Boulevard. I like how the spots are not perfect, it’s like they’re peeling off in places. Like old paint peeling off a wall.

The thing I want to know when looking for jersey fabric is: DOES IT ROLL? And if it does, how much does it roll? I once had to hem a knit dress with a wide flounce at the bottom and I couldn’t unroll it as fast as it was rolling back, it was one of the most frustrating project and it was otherwise a very basic pattern and construction. I am happy to report the AGF jersey knit rolls but only a tiny bit and it’s easily tamed with your fingers as you sew.

I’d say this fabric is on the lighter side of medium weight, it doesn’t have a lot of body and it’s very stretchy. That being said, I am happy with the coverage I get from a double layer of it. I made a ‘built in bra’ but with no padding, just another layer of fabric finished with elastic under the bust. I used the line provided in the pattern for the self bra, but ended up shortening quite a bit, I think it ended up being about 32-33 cm long from the shoulder down.

I was so happy with how this turned out, I even took my double needle out! I don’t really bother with it that much, I prefer a quick and naughty long narrow zig zag, but this time I wanted to do it right. And you can’t even tell unless you look very closely! :D

I almost sewn the crotch closed, thinking I could put the body suit on easily without an opening there, considering the neckline is quite generous on both the back and the front. Then at the last moment I realised how important that crotch opening is if you don't want to take it off every time you use the toilet.

I wanted to finish the crotch quickly and tried to use some no sew fasteners. Unfortunately there was too much fabric to go through and I only managed to get one in the middle. The sides have more allowances folded in and there was just too much bulk to go through so I had to go with the sew on press fasteners. It went much quicker than I expected, probably less than 10 minutes to sew all 4 sides.

I tried to recreate the photos I took five years ago, I even managed to get into my old trousers (but I don’t think I’ll wear them again soon). We had a little rain too, it was the perfect setting!