I stumbled upon this warm terracotta wool tweed and decided immediately to make a light, easy to throw on spring blazer. The pattern is one I’ve used two times before, I changed it only slightly - I made it shorter and I also had to move the pockets higher up close to the waist.

This Lady McElroy donegal tweed has a high wool content which makes it lovely to work with. A bit of steam and heat and you can shape it any way you like. That’s always a good thing, but even more with tailored jackets. The sleeves were so easy to ease in :D after gathering the head slightly and shrinking the gathers all around.

The fabric is light and soft, perfect for warmer weather. Spring is finally here, the sun is shining and even though we’re mostly home, this jacket is perfect for throwing over a shirt and jeans when going to buy the oh-so-essential bread, milk and icecream :) .  but since going shopping for groceries is the main going out event these days, I put my jacket over bright linen culottes and a flowy top.

I used fusible interfacing on the fronts and hems all around. This woven interfacing is very crisp which works great on this kind of garments - it's light but has enough body to give the front structure.

Because the jacket is quite short the pockets are not very deep, they can hold a card but not my phone. I think I can live with that! I am very proud of how the welts turned out, they are even (enough) and they stay closed when I am wearing the jacket.

I lined the jacket with a gorgeous cupro twill (I think it’s a twill, it’s very subtle). I don’t think I ever want to use any other lining. The fabric is soft and silky and it wasn’t difficult to work with. It feels lovely against the skin and makes the jacket so easy to slide on and off. I would use it for tops as well if it was a colour that suited me better. I always forget to check the width of the fabrics, this one is about 44 inches, less than I expected, but luckily I had enough to line the whole jacket.

I used a 23mm self covered button for closure. I also made some smaller buttons for the sleeve but I forgot to alter my original pattern to add sleeve vents, and by the time I remembered the jacket was already cut and I didn’t have enough fabric left to recut the sleeves.

I’m really chuffed with this one and I think I will give the pattern a rest for now. I’m looking forward to sewing some more summery clothes now. But first, a themed hoodie for my son next month, stay tuned! :)