Time for April's Minerva Project! This time inspiration comes from the shapes and techniques of Balenciaga and Givenchy in the 50's and 60's. They molded and draped fabric around the body in such a way as to completely transform the silhouette, commonly making the garment stand away from the body in round shapes.

That's why Vogue 8721 caught my eye:

Here's my red version, made from a mid weight red twill fabric, with a matching red lining:

This was a really interesting piece to make. It's just 2 large pieces with a seam at the centre back that then join with a horizontal seam at the front. Shaping is added with darts around the neck and at the waist.

Openings in the front seam work as armholes:

Arm openings with lining handstitched around edges

The whole piece has facings and a lining:

Can you see all of the understitching around the edges? What a pain!!!! Don't get me wrong - understitching is great, but this was difficult because you have to squeeze in through the arm openings. And then the lining gets caught underneath, and you have to un-pick it, and it gets REALLY frustrating. I ended up being unconventional and doing it from the wrong side.

But to counteract the annoying understitching, there are these lovely covered buttons!

Covered buttons - I'm gonna put them on everything!

This was a pretty quick and easy piece to make, so much so that I'm probably going to make a few versions for work and for summer as alternatives to the ubiquitous cardigan.

See you soon!