I rarely sew for anyone other than myself, mostly because I have such a long list of things I want to make for me. I’ve sewn for my husband before and some of the things I made were never worn. So you can understand my reluctance in spending my precious time sewing something for him :D

But there are a few things I know he really likes and I was confident I can make something he will wear. His daily uniform is jeans and a t-shirt, he loves raglan shirts with different coloured sleeves and he loves stars. That is why this month I decided to combine the two and print my first t shirt.

I had some knit samples from a previous project and went with this Cotton Spandex Jersey Fabric in white and navy. It’s a great light to medium weight and has a slight shine to it. The 5% spandex give it enough stretch and recovery.

For printing the star I used Impex Fabric Paint in black. It doesn’t come in navy to match the sleeves but I could’ve mixed blue and black to get navy - shame I didn’t think about this before printing :)

This was my first time printing but I don’t think I’m stopping here. I can see many dinosaur and Pokemon little t-shirts in my future.

I did a quick search to look for tips about fabric painting and found out about the amazing Freezer Paper you can use a sticky stencil. The paper has a side which you can draw on and a shiny side. After drawing our design and cutting it out you place the paper on the fabric, shiny side down, and use the iron on medium-high heat to temporarily glue the paper to the fabric. Paint your design (I used a sponge brush), peel the paper off and leave it to dry. Then press again to fix the paint in and you’re done!

I tested the whole process on some scraps first, I didn’t want to mess up. I was especially worried about peeling the paper off but it worked out well!

The pattern used was Pattydoo’s Tom which comes with long sleeves and hood variations. I never used any of their patterns before but for €2,99 it was worth the risk. I compared the pattern with one of his t shirts and it was a very good match. The only thing I altered was the width of the sleeves - I found them way too narrow.

My 8 year old asked for a shirt just like this but with long sleeves. He also wants his little brother to have one, so all 3 of them can have matching t-shirts. I love the quality of this fabric so I have just ordered more for their t-shirts, I don’t think I’ll use any other jersey knit for t shirts from now on!

The t-shirt has been worn several times so I call this project a success!