Making basic work and weekend gear is what I do. But what if I decide to add a few Steam punk elements into my basic work wear? How would true Steam punk look on someone of my height?

Take a simple poly cotton fabric for a shirt and a wool blend check fabric for a skirt. Sounds ordinary. Vicki from Minerva Crafts picked the buttons for me again. She's a Wiz at choosing the notions.

And then used a basic front button blouse and a simple A line skirt. Still sounds run-of-the-mill. Maybe the exposed metal zipper at the back might be a bit 'out there'. I would agree. Except for the detailing.

Throw in some pin tucks, a few ruffles and some metal buckles and you have a few Steam punk pieces.

I've never been to a historical or Cos play event. But I can probably sneak through now.

I like the idea of using the blouse with black jeans on the weekend.

Especially if I make a Equestrian-influenced wool jacket.

Seriously, the possibilities of no longer being a wall flower are endless.

The Blouse:

I found this Equestrian style blouse on pinterest.

And I've been testing this McCalls blouse for future work shirts.

Instead of flipping through pattern books (google these days) I decided to change this pattern to suit this blouse.

The main thing I need was a similar neckline, hence the facings.

The original shirt has two neckline trims. One layer looked like pleating, so I made a row of pin tucked fabric.

The top ruffle layer was easy to develop with this poly cotton fabric. The edges are roll hemmed.

By the time I got the blouse base almost ready, I knew the next challenge was to sew on the trims. After I tackled those hips ruffles.

The ruffles were sewn on using a straight stitch and the hip flounces were also pinned in place and then straight stitched on.

Next up - the skirt.

The skirt looks simple - I thought about the 'how to' details during the many hours of riding on the bike. That's where I do my problem solving thinking.

The skirt is a high waisted A-line skirt. There are at least 6 pairs of buckles across it. If I was a lot taller, I would have added all of these buckles but when I played with the hemline, it wasn't my sleekest look. Let's be honest.

I grabbed a simple A-line skirt with darts so I could run the boning up the dart and at a few places along the waist line. This was to make sure the hem on the buckles didn't pull down the waistline. I interfaced the suiting fabric.

Here's my rough draft lining. In the end, I had to take the darts in more and extend them to the top of the waistband. The boning is sewn onto the facing. I've since lost 3kilos so I'll have to adjust the skirt waistband when the weather cools and I start to wear this skirt to the office.

Thank you Minerva Crafts for these fabrics. They're lovely to wear.