Although in the UK we are currently enjoying a long spell of lovely warm weather, today I’m showing you a cosy hoodie I made using the Stella Hoodie pattern in Tilly’s latest book ‘Stretch’. I chose the lovely glittery star print fleece-backed Sweatshirt Fabric for this, with some coordinating mini star print jersey to line the hood with. I can now be twins with Ali, who Made a Stella Hoodie in the same fabric last month!

I have used this sweatshirt fabric before for a Grainline Linden sweatshirt, in a lighter colourway – glittery dark grey stars against a pale grey background. It is the nicest sweatshirt fabric I’ve ever used, and I’d happily use it again, and again, and again!

The hoodie was quite a straightforward make – I got it done in one day and that included tracing the pattern from the book. I didn’t make any fitting alterations to the pattern, but I did sew the pocket in a different way to what it says in the book. Instead of cutting two pockets, or one pocket in the main fabric and one pocket in a lining fabric, I just cut one. I stabilised the diagonal (open) edges with woven stabilising tape (not stretch), and turned the seam allowances to the inside before topstitching the pocket into place on the bodice front. This means that the pocket is not too bulky and I get the lovely soft feel of the wrong side of the fabric when I put my hands in.

Getting the right type of cord for the drawstring was the most problematic aspect of preparing for this make. I didn’t want to use ribbon, because in combination with the stars it would look too much like sleepwear. I wanted to use cord that coordinated with the lining, and ordered some cord in turquoise, but unfortunately it was much too narrow. I looked in a few shops but couldn’t find what I wanted, and time was running out, so I had to improvise: I cut the narrow cord into three lengths and plaited them together! I secured each end with some stitches and added some cord toggles I bought in Lidl before knotting the ends. I think it works quite well.

One of the things I really like about the design of this hoodie is that there is no hem band. I like the length of it and the way it sits on the hips. I also like the dropped shoulder, and that makes it easier to sew as well! One thing I might change next time is to make the cuffs a little longer, and use ribbing for them if I could find some to match.

Thank you to Minerva for the fabric!