Let us start with a confession...I love Stevie Nicks and that’s that. She’s always serving up those real witchy boho vibes, and I am living for it to be honest. Now let’s continue with a secret...I have a private Pinterest board that’s sole purpose is for me to pin pictures of vintage Stevie Nicks outfits and drool over them. Stevie was working the loose, I’ve-just-thrown-this-on-and-it-looks-amazing, velvety, lacey duster jacket realness all throughout the 70’s, and i couldn’t stop imagining making a similar version for myself.

I was given the opportunity to try out a truly amazing fabric and I knew this was my time to create my dream duster. This fabric has a black velvet base, with a leafy botanical print in cool and rich earthy tones embroidered in shimmering threads all over, bedazzled with sequins and pretty much being the coolest fabric I’ve ever laid eyes on. This was destiny.

And so, I set about picking which pattern to use as my jumping off point. I knew I wanted my duster to be pretty unstructured, and I didn’t want or need any fancy detailing as the fabric screams loud enough all by itself. Plus, I’m always a little weary of sewing with sequins, so the less seams, the better in my opinion. I settled on the Quince Robe pattern by Seamwork in the end, as it seemed pretty simple and straightforward, and I had just about enough fabric. 

When I say just enough fabric, I mean just enough. I had enough fabric for the main sections - the front and back pieces - and also the neck, but not for the cuffs for the sleeves. I did manage to squeeze some cuffs out of what was left, but they’re a little narrower than the pattern calls for. I also omitted pockets and ties, because of keeping it simple, but also because of fabric amount limitations. This fabric is quite narrow, so keep that in mind. 

I must admit that I was a little dubious about sewing this fabric. Velvet plus sequins - two notoriously difficult fabrics to contend with. However, I needn’t have worried as it sewed up pretty good! I did snap a needle or two but that’s entirely down to my own laziness and refusal to trim off any sequins from the seam allowances. I’m definitely more of a ‘get it done’ sewist, than a ‘it must be perfect’ sewist. Solidarity, fellow lazy sewers. I also didn’t bother to iron as I sewed this baby up either. I was worried about melting the sequins and I thought to myself ‘what would Stevie do?’ She would definitely not worry about an iron, that’s for sure. 

So, once I’d finished up sewing my little rebelliousness of a jacket, I tried it on. And we fell in love. I REALLY love this jacket. The fabric, the print, the feel, the heaviness of the velvet and embroidery and sequins. All of it. Delicious. It’s so versatile and it can turn any outfit from blergh to Witch Queen in 2 seconds flat. And let’s be honest, that’s all I really and truly need in my wardrobe.