Nothing beats getting home from work, showering then changing into comfy pj’s! With this in mind I chose my supplies for my September Minerva project. I chose some Cotton Seersucker Fabric for my pyjama bottoms along with some Natural Cotton Webbing Tape. There are 4 colour ways of this fabric available from Minerva and I chose the blue & white and blue varieties for my PJ bottoms.  

I have made one other pair of PJ bottoms that I live in, which was one of the triggering factors to me deciding to make some new pairs! I used a pattern by the company ‘5 out of 4 patterns’. It’s a free pdf pattern and you can either cut the high or low rise version (the high rise is aimed at men and lower rise at women as it’s a unisex pattern). I cut according to my body measurements and had no problems getting a good fit. The pattern only consists of a front and back leg piece, and you can even merge the 2 to make one pattern piece if you don’t want in-seam pockets (but I of course opted for in-seam pockets…an essential addition in my view!).  Given there were so few seams I made an effort to sew on my regular machine and then overlock the seams to ensure no unravelling in the future. After all these are going to see a lot of wear. 

I pre-washed the fabric, and gave it a quick press before getting started. The good thing about this fabric, being a seersucker, is that it has a natural crease to it. This means you don’t have to worry too much about ironing the finished garment! That and I’ve made pj’s which don’t actually ever need ironing in my eyes! This fabric washes really well, and I love the feel of cotton webbing in the waistband. I wouldn't recommend choosing a webbing that's too narrow as it might be uncomfortable to wear.  

This is a really simple and satisfying project for beginners too. The only complicated bit is inserting a buttonhole in the centre front for the webbing to be channelled through to pull them closed. Plus the fun of threading the webbing through the channel with a safety pin!

Thanks for following along this month J