I’m slowly building an outfit here, I started with the Palo Jeans last month, now I have the shirt ready, and for next month I’m planning a lovely blazer to top it off. :)


Saraste shirt/dress/top from Named’s book ‘Breaking the pattern’

I’ve used this pattern before to make the dress version. I rarely make the same pattern twice, it’s only been the case with the Ginger jeans and Style Arc Blaire shirt so far. With the Saraste it’s a bit different because the versions I made are so different. BUT I was able to use the altered pattern to get a good fit without muslining again, which is THE BEST part of making a pattern more than once.

At first sight the shirt is not very different than any other button up, but the details that set it apart are the shoulder and sleeve slit.

The construction of these slits is simple but effective. It’s a twice folded hem, 1cm wide. The seam of the sleeve is shifted towards the back, so the slit is sewn with the seam, you don’t need to cut through the sleeve like you would do for a traditional sleeve placket.


Stripe & Plain Reversible Double Gauze Dress Fabric Green & Cream

This Cotton Fabric is described as being green and cream and it certainly looks that way. But the cream is actually white. It’s really hard to tell, the green threads must be affecting the way we see the white ones. I was only able to figure it out when I was testing thread colours,white was the one that blended in best. Hardly important really, but I found it interesting. :)

The fabric is soft and buttery. I’ve only worked with double gauze once before and I remember how easy it can get out of shape, and also how easy it is to shape ti back. As I was working with it, I kept likening it to butter :D - soft and smooth in your hands. The good news is that this softness makes it easy to shape and ease. I had no issues setting the sleeves or sewing those princess seams. I used the point of a pin to help the fabric go neatly under the presser foot.

Wearing the shirt

I think I like it more tucked in, I’ll probably wear it that way.

The shoulder slits are placed where a bra straps would fall. I saw a suggestion on Instagram to wear a halter style bra - that way the straps would be hidden. I personally have no problems with showing my straps :D and I think this pattern is perfect for making a statement. So I might make myself a bra with neon straps.

This is my 5th post for the blogger network and my 3rd shirt. I love shirts. That’s not a secret. I love making them and I love wearing them. The only issue I have is ironing them after a wash :D