I realise that at this time of year we’re all meant to be sewing cosy clothes and Christmassy gifts, but I must have been feeling winter-resistant when I decided on this garment… well, that, and I had a holiday in the sunshine booked for my birthday, so just *had* to have some new clothes for the suitcase!
I used my self-drafted t-shirt pattern, which has become a real staple for a quick make. I am also developing various sleeve pattern pieces that I can swap around for alternative styles. I had a little mishap with the sewing this time; I drafted a skinnier sleeve piece but was a bit lazy with the notches and marking, so when I came to sew the sleeve in, I somehow ended up tilting the sleeve and basically putting it too far back. I managed to rectify it, but this wasn’t much fun considering I’d used my overlocker!
This was my first time using any of the Art Gallery Fabric, and I must say I really fell in love with its softness and easiness to sew. It’s 95% pima cotton, which apparently is the Rolls Royce of cottons! I’ve already washed it a few times, and it seems to retain its “newness” rather well.
I wanted to add a sporty element and had originally planned to use this Prym Fold-Over Elastic as a trim on the sleeve ends. I’d never actually used fold-over elastic before, but reckoned I’d figure it out easily enough—I attempted to attach it as I would bias binding but it just wasn’t working for me, and somehow I used it all up before I could sort myself out. I was forced to improvise, and instead used a ribbed jersey for the trim.
This is definitely a more typical way to get the effect I wanted, but once in a while it’s worth taking a risk, so I’m still glad I gave the elastic a go. Incidentally, the ribbing I used was an off-cut from a previous Minerva Make (my black and white Harlequin Top). I went for a simple zig-zag finish on the trim detail. You can’t see it so well on the photos, but there is a slight glitter shimmer to the ribbing.
The jersey really was a joy to work with, and it took to the twin needle very well. I think that’s going to be my test of a good jersey from now on… does it get on with my twin needle?!
The grey-blue and off-white stripes contrast interestingly with the coral ribbing. The cotton is medium weight, so would work equally well for long-sleeved tops, light-weight hoodies and kids’ clothes. A pair of PJ bottoms would be very comfy in this fabric, too.
I’ll be starting 2019 with a pair of brand-spanking-new skinny jeans, so it's time to break out the stretch denim. Until then, happy sewing, and Happy Christmas to you when it comes!