Hi Everyone, 
This month’s post is another ‘back to basics’ garment. I am consciously trying to make things I’m reaching for everyday. More wear, means better value. The pattern I chose for this month’s post is the Nora Top by Tilly and the Buttons. Again! This is my 7th Nora Top. They’re easy to wear, easy to customise, and they’re quick to make.  
You know how much I rave about Tilly’s patterns. They’re easy to follow, straightforward and everything is explained clearly and concisely. For this particular version I did the small neckband, Long length sleeves and mid length hem. I wanted a top I can wear normally and tuck into trousers. The cropped version of the pattern is a little too short to tuck in easily. I love the long, floppy sleeves in this pattern, they’re so cosy to wear now it’s getting cooler. 
The fabric I chose was this Viscose Jersey Knit in Navy Blue Stripe. I cannot tell you how beautifully soft and drapey it is. It’s light but with a lovely warmth and thickness to it. I did an awful job on stripe matching for this project, I made it on a rainy day in the studio as I was desperate to wear it. I did rush making it in the time I had, so entirely my own fault. I was annoyed with myself but then I put it on, and I forgot about the bad bits because it was so, so comfy. 

In terms of modification, I chose the style features I mentioned before, and the only adjustment to the original pattern I made was to make the neck hole a bit bigger. I therefore cut the neckband bigger too. I wanted it slightly lower, the classic Nora has a high T-shirt neckline. I traced out a lower neckline to my size and increased the neckband length by 1.5cm. I’m really happy with the effect such a tiny adjustment makes. 
So my summary; You need the Nora Pattern in your stash whatever. It’s a great staple item and can be easily tailored and modified to make it your own. If you’re a beginner with stretch fabric, maybe try something a little more sturdy before you try and make something with this fabric as it’s slippery and soft. But if you’re quite confident you’ll absolutely adore this fabric. 
I really hope you like what I’ve made this month, I’ve been wearing it so much. I urge you to buy this fabric! You won’t regret it. 
Happy Handmade everyone!
Sophia x 
@Sew__Jessalli / jessalli.co.uk