Hello all! For this months Minerva Make I found this interesting crochet type Fabric and thought that the crochet texture would be perfect for a more interesting version of the slouchy tee. Plus, I always love a good navy and white stripe. 
I used the Grainline Lark Tee Sewing Pattern which is my go to for t-shirts. I made the waist a little less defined and kept the sleeves short because I didn't want to overwhelm with stripes. I matched the stripes as well as possible so the lines were fluid. I rotated the direction of the stripes for the neckband and I wish I'd just used the white stripe to match the hem of the sleeves. The contrast effect of the neckband is a bit jarring. 
I was not sure how was best to go about a hem on this knit, with all the holes, being sheer and everything. In the end I just left it raw, and you can see the sleeve hems rolling up a little. If this really bothers me I'll think of a plan B. I cut all the seam allowances down to a minimum so they can't be seen through the slightly sheer fabric. 
Of course, as the fabric is full of holes I needed to make a cami top to go underneath it. I used an existing top that I owned as a template and then just finished the edges with Fold Over Elastic. I did want to add a 'bra' element and cut 2 front pieces with one that finished just below my bust, which was hemmed with Plush Back Elastic. The plush back of the elastic feels very soft against the skin. The 4 way stretch of the Viscose Jersey Fabric I used meant that this bra element stretched more than I anticipated and as a result the elastic sits at my waist and not directly under the breast. This is something I need to go back and readdress. 
Fold over elastic is not something I have used much before and my skill at applying it is not quite there yet. More precision is needed when enclosing the neckline with the elastic going from the underarm into the strap. The fabric is very slippery so hemming tape does a wonderful job of temporarily stabilizing the hem so it can be stitched without the fabric stretching out. It's deliciously soft but I think next time I make a cami or vest top I would choose a slightly more stable Cotton Jersey
Both items are great garment staples that will blend seamlessly into my wardrobe as we go into summer, which is exactly what I wanted. 

Thanks for reading and to Minerva Crafts for supplying the materials for this project!

Lauren xx