My latest project for the blogger network is a faux leather jacket. I saw one online a while ago with a zip front and studs around the neck, and as I so often do, I thought I could make it myself.

Minerva have a good selection of Faux Leather Fabric. The one I chose is the Soft PVC Fabric, and it’s the perfect weight for a jacket. It comes in 7 colours, but I went with classic black.

I love a funky lining to any garment, so for my lining I chose some John Kaldor Fabric - an animal print crinkle satin. For some silly reason I only ordered one metre, which wasn’t enough to line the sleeves as well, so they are lined with some black satin I had in my stash. Never mind, you can’t see them anyway!

For the Metal Studs I chose some gunmetal studs which have prongs on the back that you pierce the fabric with and then fold over. The studs were actually really fun to put in and I spent a happy evening in front of the television applying them with the aid of a small screwdriver to fold over the prongs.

When I originally decided on the project I was going to have the jacket without a fastening, but changed my mind halfway through. The gunmetal zip is one that I already had in my stash. 

I used a 1990’s Vogue coat dress pattern as my basis, but it’s been altered so much it bears almost no relation to the original. There are several great collarless jacket or biker style jacket patterns around at the moment that would work perfectly for a similar jacket.

The faux leather sewed really nicely, no sticking on my machine throat or foot, and it was even possible to unpick stitches without them leaving marks if I did it straight away! I found the best way to hold seams in place for sewing was to use Quilters Binding Clips.

Most of the seams are topstitched, partly to make the seam allowances lie flat and partly because I like the look of topstitching. I used a topstitching thread for this.

The only seams I couldn’t topstitch are the second seam on the two piece sleeves. The seam allowances here were glued down to flatten them.

I’m pretty pleased with this project, I just need to wait for the weather to warm up a bit so I can wear it!