As many of y'all may know, I'm a cosplayer, which means that I'm one of those people who likes to dress up in costume for comic book and anime conventions. Next weekend is Animazement, so I am now hard at work putting together my long planned Pokemon trainer cosplay (which I had to put off making due to my lack of functional sewing machine -_-U). For reference, this is my source material for this costume:

For some costumes, I'm all about getting things exactly right down to the letter. For other costumes, I'm more about making something that I want. My motivation behind selecting this cosplay is because I literally squealed, "OMG SO CUTE". when I first saw the female trainer's outfit for Pokemon X/Y. Also, I had blonde hair at the time and I'm always on the look out for good blonde hair cosplays (lol that's out the door now, but people can deal with me having pink hair with this because I don't do wigs). Anyway, for this cosplay, it's all about me making clothing pieces that I will want to wear outside of conventions, so rather than make a bag that looks very much like the one in the source picture, I just took "pink and black bag" and ran with it.

I had also been wanting to make a carpet-style bag for ages. There are several patterns for this style of bag floating around online, but I settled on Sew Fearless's Mommy Poppins bag. I liked the front pocket, so I think that's what influenced my choice for that pattern over another one.

Also, I liked other little details like this back pocket accent and the size of the bag. I can comfortable fit my 13" laptop inside it, but it doesn't feel too large either.

What drew me to wanting to make this kind of bag, is the tubular metal frame that you insert inside of it once you finish sewing it. How it snaps open and closed just looks so cool to me.

And no, it isn't very hard to insert the frame if you get the right kind of frame. Apparently there are two different hinge styles and one is harder to insert than the other. I bought the easier style (the frame was the only hardware I needed for this bag that wasn't available at Minerva Crafts), which you can find here on Etsy.

Ok, let's talk about the amount of structure that's in this bag. It is hella interfaced. Like hella. Easily the most structured bag that I've ever sewn. And it's really clever how the interfacing is done too - it uses two different kinds in a method that gives the bag a sort of soft structure. It's structured, but not stiff.

Well, the handles are stiff, but that's ok.

My main trouble spot on the finished bag is that the side patches are lined up perfectly. Oh well. I'll deal.

Also, my new sewing machine does letters and I thought it would be fun to monogram my name into the lining. My one big change to this bag was that I didn't include the giant elasticated pockets on the inside- this pattern was kind of intended to be a diaper bag and I don't have the need for big ass pockets like that in my bag. So I just made a small one to attach to the lining and sewed my name onto it.

I also added interfacing, and there's some nice interfacing inserted into the base of the bag.

Oh, and before I forget, the trainer badges that I've pinned to the front pocket are from the very excellent Bad Wolf Cosplay on etsy.

So that's that! The shell fabric is this lovely poly/cotton twill fabric that is the perfect weight for this sort of bagmaking. I couldn't be more pleased with it.