This months Minerva make is a door wreath made from seasonal fabric. I hang my door wreath on Advent, the first of December but Christmas stays very much under wraps until the last week before Christmas day in our house.

My materials list includes four seasonal fat quarters, and a polystyrene ring. It looks a bit pink here but it is truly red, gold and green.

The Yo yo's or Suffolk puffs are easy to make and quite addictive.

The ring was covered in yarn wound round and round. I overlapped the yarn on the inner ring a little to allow for a full spread on the outside edge. I could have crocheted it but I have done this before and then covered all of my lovely crochet stripes with the decorations so I didn't think it was worth it.

The top has a bow made from two rectangles of fabric joined with a tied ribbon but you can go as wild or traditional as you like. Mine is quite traditional as it is going to hang on our front door which is set on a three storey house with sash windows. The buttons are added with a glue gun to cover the centre of the circles.

I like it, it has a sort of traditional longevity about it.

Thanks for the materials Minerva. Jo xxxx