This month’s Minerva Crafts project is actually two pieces, and was meant to be two months projects, but last month time just got away from me and I didn’t have time to complete the piece.

I’ll start by apologising for the lack of modelled photos, again time (and good lighting) has got away from me and my photographer is nowhere to be seen when I need him! You will have to settle for Rosie doing the modelling for you, which is not ideal when it comes to trousers I’m afraid. You’ll have to believe me when I say the trousers fit me very well.

I’ve always loved menswear inspired designs, particularly fitted waistcoats and wide legged trousers, so that is what I’ve tried to recreate here.

I used some lovely black and grey mini dogtooth check fabric, which appears to be sold out on the Minerva website, but they have the same fabric in brown plenty of other lovely suiting fabrics you could use instead.

I made the waistcoat first.   

Would you believe that it started life as this vintage (if you can call 1990’s patterns vintage) dress pattern?

I actually bought the pattern with the intention of using it to make a coat – and I’m still planning on doing that – but thought it would be perfect as the basis for a double breasted waistcoat as well. I spent ages testing different design ideas, I’d actually planned on making it much higher in the neckline, and with an asymmetric hem of some sort, but in the end simplicity won out.

The trousers are from a Burda pattern, Young Burda 6856, which includes both this wide legged design and a narrow leg with high waist and braces. I decreased the size of the pleat a little on this version as it was a bit too full for my liking.

I’m pretty pleased with my fly front, even though its the first one I’ve done for a couple of years and the instructions had me scratching my head for a while.

Don’t you love the buttons? They’re some vintage glass ones I bought in a little shop in Lyme Regis about a year ago and have been saving for the perfect project.

I can’t wait to wear this outfit now the weather has become more Autumnal. I just need a few new blouses or shirts to wear underneath... watch this space!

Thanks go again to Minerva Crafts for providing me with the fabrics to make this outfit. I actually have enough left for a skirt as well, so you may well see that at some stage.