This was my second foray into sewing actual garments (after my first attempt with the Betty Dress) and this time I was sewing solo! The pattern is an easy skirt pattern from New Look Patterns that they claim can be made in 2 hours – and even for a newbie like myself that was just about possible! Hurrah!

When I was looking for fabric inspiration I came across this William Morris Fabric print in a delicious duck egg and mustard floral design. I love the pattern and it’s a really wearable fabric – relatively sturdy but not too thick. I’ve definitely got my eyes on the beautiful rose Brer Rabbit design for my next make.

This skirt is great for beginners with a few key techniques to try (or perfect) but overall a pretty straightforward design: just four pieces to cut out, darts only in the back, and a zip (I’m slowly getting better at these). 

Slightly confusingly this pattern called for me to layer the seam which I had no idea what it meant – but after some googling I discovered this was just seam grading (when you cut seams to different lengths so they lay flat) – I’m always so glad that crafters are such chatty people sharing knowledge online, it means you’re never on your own!

I think I was slightly generous on my seams as the final fit was a little slimmer (and higher) on my hips than intended but with tight and boots I think I can just about get away with it! This simple skirt was so easy to put together so I’ll definitely be making another soon.