Hello all! Please let me introduce you to my latest Minerva project. For June I went for versatile separates. A white top that goes with everything, and a multi-coloured skirt that goes with everything.

First up: the skirt. I used the box pleated skirt from the By Hand London Zeena Dress pattern and plonked a waistband on top and a zip in the centre back. The side seams are french seamed, the waistband edge is whip-stitched on the inside and so is the hem.

I put a hand-picked zip in because you have so much more control, and it takes just about the time it would to tack a zip in anyway. The Batik Fabric is just amazing.

I was a bit worried that it would be a bit too lightweight for a skirt but it's perfect.  The colours are really vibrant and as it's cotton it feels really nice and presses really well.

Right, now onto the top. It's partially inspired by the beautiful white blouses worn by the Edwardian's in the early 1900s but obviously it's no where near historically accurate.

I used the By Hand London Holly bodice facing pieces with a raised neckline for the yoke of this top, cut the remaining width of the Muslin Fabric I used in half and gathered the length of each piece for the front and the back. It was just a bodice pattern that I had on hand, you could really use any for this. Next time I'd probably raise the yoke slightly so it stops just above my bust.

For a bit of interest I added some lace trim across the bottom of the yoke and in 3 stripes down the front of the gathered bit. I really really love how this looks. The fabric is a really lightweight muslin which is quite sheer and crinkles when washed. I self-faced the yoke pieces and it's all finished super cleanly using this tutorial which finishes the neckline and armholes by machine like magic!

Ahh I love this combo so much! I'm positive that both pieces will get a lot of wear in my summer wardrobe.

Thanks everyone for reading, to Minerva Crafts for all of the materials used to make this outfit and finally to Bethan for taking photos and Connor for directing in return for waffles. Much appreciated. 

Lauren xx