Hola comrades!

I’m loving the glimpses of Spring starting to appear in my corner of north London - today was really sunny without a cloud in the sky and it got me excited about the warm weather returning and cotton returning to my wardrobe but it is actually still pretty cold and I’m still layering up so, for now, I am still making things to warm me up and this month’s Minerva make is definitely doing that - it’s a super cosy sweater dress - the Lola Sewing Pattern by Victory Patterns.

I have loved this pattern for AGES - it just looks like a big cuddly hug and I wanted to wait until the right sweater knit fabric to suit it so when I found this amazing burgundy boucle tweed Knit Fabric I couldn’t wait to snuggle up in it!!

This fabric is amazing! The colour is gorgeous and I have always loved burgundy but don’t actually own any at all so it was high time. I don’t know if it is totally my colour but in this textured, warm fabric it really doesn’t matter to me as I love wearing it! It was really easy to sew and stretched the perfect amount for this dress with excellent recovery.

I sewed this up nearly completely on the overlocker, as the pattern suggested apart from top stitching the pocket hems and I would strongly recommend this as a perfect overlocker project as all the hems are bands so there is no need to get the twin needle out either!

I really love the style lines here and am very happy I managed to get them to match - in fact the whole garment came together very quickly and easily and almost with a hitch… apart from this epic fail:

In my defence, I was doing a spot of very late night sewing at this point, went into auto pilot and sewed the bottom section to the top upside down… okay there is no defence - it was a face palm moment! It’s always worse when the seam is overlocked and has a delicate texture so instead of spending hours painstakingly unpicking the seam I took a tip from someone (I’m afraid I can’t remember who!) who said they just trim the overlocked seam down by half and then the seam just gently pulls open - phew! Then I turned it the right way up and overlocked the seam in the right place! Luckily you wouldn’t know… but I just told you - d’oh!

I have sewn up a few Victory patterns before and they are always brilliant - the instructions are clear as day and there was no head scratching moments here. The whole thing sewed up in a few hours!

I do wonder if I should use a more stable knit like a Ponte Roma Fabric next time as the pockets are a bit on the baggy side but apart from that this stretch suited it well and I used it instead of the suggested ribbing for the cuffs, neck and hem band too -which worked really well!

So all in all another successful make that will keep me warm and cosy thanks to Minerva - yay!

Keep warm you lovely lot - Spring is coming!!,