Hello crafty cats!

Now I don’t want to jinx it but the blossom is out, the bees are buzzing and yesterday I wore only a light jacket - could it be that Spring is finally springing?! I know I say this about every season but this really is my favourite time of year when the plants awake outside and the mud dries up so naturally I’ve just made some super cosy wintery socks… what I like to call my house socks!

As a avid knitter it may surprise you to hear that I’ve never made socks before - I have to admit I didn’t really see the point of knitting something that is;

A) So inexpensive to buy

B) Fall apart so easily (maybe that’s just because of A!)

and C) Are worn on your feet!

I have horrible feet, I hide them away every opportunity I can so why would I want to make things for them?! But then, like all good things, I started seeing beautiful hand knitted socks all over the internet and my suspicion arose - it was time to make some clothes for my horrible feet!

The pattern is Sirdar 7181 Aran Socks and I thought it looked like a quick, simple introduction into making socks - well they were simple, wonderfully so but definitely not quick - I have been knitting on these bad boys for over a month, of course this is off and on but I reckon each sock took me about 30 hours which is not what I was expecting. I feel like I need to lower my expectations on how quickly I can do things though - this is one of my many inner turmoils!

The socks are knitted flat and it’s an interesting construction that I wasn’t expecting - you have to seam down the back of the legs and the sides of the feet. I’m sure it’s a perfectly normal way to make socks but I was fully expecting to at least pull out the DPNs for this make - or even get a tiny length in the round set going but neither were called for. I knitted these on 4.00mm (US 6) & 5.00mm (US 8) circular needles without joining (I just prefer circulars!) Starting with the ribbing on 4mm and moving onto 5mm for the main part.

The yarn is lovely - it’s Sirdar Supersoft Aran Yarn in colour 902 Fab Fuchsia and it really is super soft - it was really easy to knit with and looks perfect in pink, bright pink - not for the faint hearted pink!! It is 100% acrylic but I wanted to start with making socks that I could wash easily and these with withstand constant washing and tumble drying.

I should probably address the pink elephant in the room… there are LOADS of mistakes… or differences in the 2 socks - I didn’t notice until the end as I finished off the 2nd sock at my in-laws in Liverpool whilst the 1st one was forgotten at my north london home (oops!) so there are many anomalies that don’t match up! Firstly the diagonal pattern became a chevron on one sock and not on the other, secondly I seamed one the wrong way out and the other the right way out so the don’t match on the toes or the feet. Most people would have ripped back… I am not those people - I’m a ‘learn to love your mistakes’ and ‘love to learn from your mistakes’ kind of maker… yes a maybe a little lazy because after 30 hours of knitting a sock can you really blame me for ignoring the odd mistake?! I am definitely an ‘it adds character’ sort of girl! ;)

I’m definitely now understanding why people make socks - it’s the last part of my body to adorn with handmade items and they do feel special. I love wearing them around the house as they are basically more like house boots keeping me cosy!

Thankyou Minerva for the materials and inspiring me to try something new!

Lots of love to you all,