Little by little, I continue to add handmade touches to our home. Our bedroom is huge and in decorating it, I've struggled to find a balance between keeping it calm but not having it look sparse. Crocheting a rug to go at the foot of the bed makes it cozier and takes up some of the visual expanse of the endless beige carpet but is still calm. I'm pretty happy with what it adds to the room.

I used  Hoooked Zpagetti yarn which is an extra-bulky yarn made from leftover textiles from ready-to-wear fashion. Essentially, it's pre-made t-shirt yarn and is awesomely eco-friendly. The only thing to note when buying this yarn is that different lots can be totally different colors since it is all recycled, so either ask ahead to be sure that the color will be right for you or be flexible. This was called "camel" and I went ahead and ordered it without checking since I knew that anything in the brown family would look fine in our space.

The runner is my own pattern - a modification of my Spaghetti Lace Rug pattern. (I detailed the changes I made to the pattern to turn it from a small rug to a runner on Ravelry

In crocheting  this rug, I crocheted the whole thing and ripped it out once, and then crocheted and ripped parts of it multiple times as I figured out the best modifications to turn the small oval pattern into this long finished runner. 

However, this pattern has the awesome benefit of being really quick to crochet since it's bulky yarn and a size 10mm crochet hook, so it still came together very quickly. I'm brainstorming other places in the house I could add the same rug, but I think I might get a veto from my husband if I keep going as this is already number 2!