You know I love my viscose. I’ve never met a rayon I didn’t like. But to tell you the honest truth, I had never actually worked with a Tencel before this! Tencel, if you’re unfamiliar, is a brand name of lyocell, which is a type of rayon made using a closed-loop process that is meant to better for the environment, because the harsh chemicals used in processing the wood pulp (all rayon/viscose is ultimately processed wood pulp, although there can be variations in the process itself) are used repeatedly. Since I love the drape of viscose, and I’d like to make more sustainable choices where possible, I thought it was time I gave Tencel a try. Spoiler: I like it. 
This is a lovely medium-weight, drapey Tencel twill. I had originally planned a pair of trousers, but my head was turned by this free pattern from Paper Theory and Peppermint magazine. I couldn’t resist. 
It’s an incredibly straightforward pattern. 4 pattern pieces, mostly-straight seams, easy fit with an elastic waistband. I opted for two rows of 1’’ elastic rather than one of 2’’, and I like it that way. 
For being so easy, and beginner-friendly, I also think it’s a solid, hard-working wardrobe piece. Great for the office, if we ever go back. I like it with my Ogden cami (I was hoping to squeeze a matching Ogden out of my scraps but I’m not sure it’ll quite make it), but I think it will work just as well with a cropped jumper and tights. My only regret is that I made an incredibly silly fitting error. It said very plainly that it was drafted for someone quite a bit taller than me: 5’7’’. I’m 5’2’’. I know perfectly well that there’s a point where you should take length out instead of just lopping it off the bottom, but I was lazy and did exactly that. So my pockets are too low!! Womp. So, short friends, don’t be silly like me. 
This beautiful, rich purple colour is actually quite tricky to photograph. It wants to come out more blue, or less rich, but please trust me whenI say that it is the most perfect, deep, Purple Rain purple. 
The nice medium weight and easy-going drape of this fabric make it perfect for most easy fit garments, in my opinion. Dresses, work trousers, pretty much any type of skirt - tis would be great. Jumpsuits too - a while ago I made some 1930’s back pyjamas in a slightly softer viscose-blend twill, and I think this fabric would work even better for it. It’s also a nice dense weave, so with a slip and tights, I won’t freeze with winter wear. A great transitional piece, if I may say so myself!
Hope you’re all keeping well, and ready to hunker down for some autumn/winter sewing. Thanks for reading!
Jo x