The project I chose for this month’s Minerva make is something a little bit different, and I am really excited to show it to you! I made a stuffed unicorn head to hang on my daughter’s bedroom wall, using the Simplicity 1218 sewing pattern

The pattern is designed by Abby Glassenberg, a textile artist who, amongst other things, designs and sews stuffed animals, and blogs at While She Naps.

This pattern is so cool! I chose the unicorn because my daughter is really into My Little Pony at the moment, so my colour inspiration was taken from Twilight Sparkle (who in the world of MLP is actually an ‘alicorn’ - or a cross between a unicorn and a Pegasus). With this pattern you can also make a reindeer/stag, a giraffe and an elephant! I really want to make a Rudolph for Christmas and hang a few baubles from his antlers - how awesome would that be?! I hope I can find the time to get around to it.

In terms of supplies for this project, you need the Fleece Fabrics in your desired colours (mine were lilac, purple and cerise pink), some embroidery thread, some Toy Stuffing, two safety eyes (which fasten with these washers at the back - shown in the photo below), some thick cardboard, an awl, some wire and some wire cutters. 

Minerva kindly provided me with everything except the awl, cardboard, wire and wire cutters as I had these hanging around at home. The wire I had was quite thin, plastic coated gardening wire, so to strengthen it up a bit I twisted two lengths around each other (the wire is used to create a hanging loop at the back of the head). 

For the cardboard, I used a bit from a cardboard box (the thick brown type), but I do wish I had used something even thicker and more sturdy, as it has bent a little. Next time I would definitely use something thicker - best of all would be a piece of wood (not too thick) with holes drilled into it for the wire hanger.

The sewing was fairly straightforward, although don’t get caught out by the seam allowance! 

For this pattern it is 1/4” rather than the standard 5/8”. It is quite fiddly when you have to attach the head front to the head sides, especially as the multiple layers are thick and the seam allowance is so small; there is not much room for manoeuvre. 

I also had a bit of a problem with the lower mane and the upper mane being too far apart. I lined them up with the circles but there was a gap between them and it looked silly, so I had to unpick and add in a wedge of extra mane in the middle, which solved the problem.

I’m so pleased with how it has turned out. I think it’s good enough to be a proper present, so I’m going to save it until her 7th birthday in a few months. 7th! How did that happen?!

Thank you Minerva team for providing me with this awesome kit! (Writing and opinions are all my own).