Hi sewing people, I’m back again for another MCBN post for you this month. If you didn’t know it’s me Sophie and you can read about my other sewing makes over on my personal blog at sopbac.com, or where I’m most active my instagram account.

Let me tell you something about myself. I am very easily distracted by new and shiny patterns and I’m trying to restrain myself. So instead of searching for a new pattern that has come out this season, I’m looking into my old ones. I’m also making it one of my new year's resolutions to not purchase any new patterns until I’ve made three of my exciting patterns that I haven’t made yet. For every three patterns I can allow myself to purchase a new one, or not. That is also the reason for me not completing my 2017 make nine this year either.

I was struggling to figure out what to make for this holiday season. It will be a lot of parties and I need a dress that is flattering, comfortable and is food belly friendly. I looked through my mountains of patterns for the ultimate food holiday dress and came upon this dress. The Adele dress from Republique du Chiffon is described as a summer dress, but I figured I could use it anyway. What attracted me to the pattern was the petals around the armholes. Pretty! It has also a button up back and drawstring waist aka food friendly.

The Fabric I choose for the dress is the soft touch polyester crepe fabric in raspberry pink. The fabric is very light, but I didn’t feel the need to give it a lining. Very easy to work with! I was thinking of making it in red, since it is Christmas and all, but I didn’t want the dress to be associated with only Christmas. And on another note, I didn’t want to make the exact dress which was on the cover of the pattern, although I was tempted and because it is very beautiful.

The only alterations I made for the pattern to add 3 cm to the bodice and use an elastic waistband instead of a drawstring at the waist.

My husband and I flew south to Oslo last weekend to meet our oldest and dearest friends over a Christmas dinner/get together. Naturally, I hurried up trying to finish the dress before leaving so that I had a dress to wear. Sadly I didn’t finish in time and the photos had to be taken when we got back to and after work, which means after dark. So I’m sorry for the bad quality.

Sewing-wise, the pattern is pretty straightforward. The instructions were clear, but I did struggle a little for the armhole pieces, but after some thinking, I got through with it. Here is a useful tip about the petals around the armhole. The instructions say to cut out four of each petal in fabric and two of fusible interfacing. I found it much easier to cut out first two of each petal by laying the pieces on the fabric folded, then fuse a piece of interfacing onto another section of the fabric, fold it and cut the pieces again. Now you have four of each petal and don’t need to fuss about interfacing the small petal pieces. It saves so much time.

One thing that bugged me about this pattern was that it didn’t come with the seam allowance. It takes time to trace everything, but it is so much worse when you have to add the seam allowance too! In the instructions it tells you what seam allowance would be appropriate for the different pieces, so why not just add it. It took forever for me to trace it, especially with all the petals. If anybody has a good trick for patterns with no seam allowance, please let me in on the secret.

I’m not so convinced that this baggy bodice pattern is a good fit for me and my pear shape body, but it’s good to know that if I end up not wearing it, my fabulous more even proportioned sister would love this dress.