Regular readers of my blog will recognise this as my third Agnes by Tilly Waynes of Great British Sewing Bee fame.

This Sewing Pattern is definitely one I'll be keeping at the top of my pattern pile.

Prior to my making my first Agnes I had always been a little wary of jersey and stretch fabrics in general. I had made up a few jersey cowl tops which originally I loved but through wear and washing some shoulder seams had stretched and the cowl necklines had become so baggy I had deemed them not suitable for the office! I'd also had trouble with my hems. They looked neat enough but there was no 'stretch' in them.

Moving on a month or so, I came across Tilly's online course using her Agnes pattern on working with stretch fabrics using a regular sewing machine and knew I would be making a good investment in improving my stretch skills.

Well I learnt so much. From little things like stabilising the shoulder seams with a narrow strip of ribbon, to using a narrow zig zag on the hems to maintain stretch, to successfully adding my first neckband.

I was so impressed with my first Agnes, made with this ever so cheap blue jersey, I soon went on to make up my second, this time adding an extra cm to the side seams and under arm sleeve seams.

So I was ready to cut into some decent quality jersey. I'd spotted this fine striped jersey fabric on the Minerva website a few months before and when it arrived I knew it was perfect.

It was fine enough but with a really lovely weight. Whilst I took time to ensure my stripes were all horizontal, it cut like a dream with no curling edges.

Then. BIG PROBLEM. My machine started skipping stitches. This had happened a little while back but I thought I'd solved it by changing to some better quality thread and playing with my tension.

The problem got worse and worse. I tried everything, I googled everything. I changed needles from ballpoint to stretch, back to woven again. I found tension dials on my machine that I'd never twiddled before. I tried sewing with a layer of paper beneath. My machine still worked perfectly on woven but hated the stretch. Was it the fabric?

Why, after no previous problems, was this happening now?

With a fear of impending doom I had to take up the last piece of advice Google had come up with. Time for a service.

With the machine delivered to the man that can, I hauled my stand-in machine from the loft, plugged it in and Voila! Perfect stitches.

I'm hoping the neckline might settle down a little more once it's been through the wash as my others have done.

I love the front gather. It's another skill I've picked up.

The jersey is so soft and comfortable and surprisingly warm!

I really feel I've nailed this one.

Love, Lucie xx