Hello everyone! It’s Emily again from Self Assembly Required!

This month I’ve got a lovely new shirt to show you!

The Archer button down shirt is an Indie Sewing Pattern staple from Grainline Studio.

I love Grainline's aesthetic – they do modern classics for everyday casualwear. I'm sure most people have at least one Grainline pattern in their stash!

I've made a couple of things from them before - the Linden sweatshirt and the Driftless cardigan - and I loved both of them!

So countless Lindens later, I've moved on to try another of their patterns - the Archer shirt!

I've seen tons of cute versions of this shirt on the internet and I knew it would be worth trying out. I'm not 100% sure I'm a classic shirt wearing person (I don’t have a lot of shirts in my wardrobe!) but I figured if there was ever going to be one that I would wear, it would be this!

It has a back yoke with a central pleat, long sleeves and cuffs and a traditional collar and stand. The first view is a standard simple loose fit silhouette. The second view has a ruffle in the back of the shirt – perfect if you want to hide some extra in the trunk…

I chose a drapey polka dot Crepe Fabric for this project. I thought it would be a classic with a twist!

The shirt came together really easily. I used the "burrito" method to get the yokes in with a clean finish. I love the topstitching over the collar, cuffs and the button band. It just gives it a lovely and neat finish.

I opted not to put the pockets on the front, mostly because I didn’t want to have to pattern match!

The only issue I had with this make was when I was pressing it.

It took me a while to figure out what was going on - there was a lot of "have I cut this piece of interfacing really badly?" - but I realised a little later that the crepe was shrinking when I'd overheated the fabric!

Don't let that put you off using this fabric though! Just put your iron onto the correct setting beforehand!

I realised afterwards that the sleeves ended up a bit too long for me. I don’t know why that didn’t clock with me earlier on (I have to do the same adjustment when I make the Linden sweater!) but I didn’t notice until after I’d sewn the cuffs on!

That’s OK though. I’d most likely wear it like this anyway!

Rolled up sleeves and tied at the front – perfect with jeans and skirts in the summer!