Sometimes you want a quick and simple make that you will wear loads. The Closet Core Patterns Nettie bodysuit made from Art Gallery Fabric jersey definitely fits the bill.

I have used AGF jersey a few times now, so I know how beautifully soft and comfortable it is, and how well it washes. The only problem was which pattern to choose as there are so many wonderful designs available.

I decided on this floral print as I was drawn in by the amazingly rich colours. It works so well in all seasons and can be mixed and matched with a variety of solid coloured bottoms.

The bodysuit has a lovely vintage shape and is very flattering, unlike some overly skimpy ones that I've tried before.

I made a version that has press studs so that I don't have to strip off every time I need the loo. They are easy to install but probably took about as long as it did to make the bodysuit.

I love the shape of the front neckline, it's very flattering for any shape. But there is also a scoop neck version too. I opted for the 3/4 length sleeves which is my favorite sleeve length as it keeps my arms warm but also allows me to easily wear bracelets etc.

Now let's talk about the back, my favorite part of this pattern. There are several different “scoops” available, and this version is the mid one. High enough to be able to wear a bra, but low enough to look a little edgy. I also love that it shows off my tattoo.

The cut of the fabric around the bum is also just right. It doesn't give you a nasty pantie line but also doesn't cut you in two ( if you know you know).

The pattern called out for 1.2m but I thought I'd try my luck and went for 1m. I managed to make it work but would definitely get a little extra next time to ensure that I don’t end up with flowers right on the bust. This was a near miss on this make and I do have to manipulate it a little to ensure that I don't have flower boobs. See on the pic below how it can just sit at the wrong angle. Although I recon having pretty flowers on your boobs isn't all that bad. 

All in all I absolutely love this make, it's super comfy but also looks great due to the amazing fabric. I've worn it loads already and it's gotten so many compliments. I think I want one in all the amazing AGF prints.

Thanks for reading and happy sewing.