There are times when the sewjo does a bit of a disappearing act – for me it’s in the summer months when so many other activities are bidding for my time. So, for my September project, I was looking for something to kick-start my sewjo. 

Enter the Sheath Dress Sewing Pattern from The Avid Seamstress, a London-based sewing pattern company. 

Now I confess that when this pattern first came out it did not catch my eye, however when I was at a friend’s house she was wearing a lovely dress that I liked and she told me it was the Sheath dress. She also kindly let me try on her other version of the dress and I was hooked (aren’t sewing friends just the best??).

I selected a John Kaldor Cotton Lawn Fabric for the project. I have sewn with this particular fabric before in the green/teal colourway and love it! It is a bit thicker than a Liberty Tana lawn. It also has slightly more drape with less of the crisp lightness that you get in a Liberty tana lawn which makes it a great fall weather fabric. It irons like a dream. As far as I am concerned one of the highest pleasures of making my own clothes is the joy of ironing a fabric that responds beautifully to steam and heat. Plus this fabric is also on sale at the moment in Minerva's end of season sale, so get some while it lasts!

The print on the fabric is directional though which makes pattern matching quite fabric intensive – I didn’t pattern match across the back except to keep the dots in line but if you want to have a seamless match then more fabric is needed than what I have included in my materials list.

One of the things that drew me to this pattern was the elastic waist band – it’s very comfortable while achieving some shaping. The instructions are well written and you can tell that the designers put in a lot of work into making this a great project not only for beginners but for the more experienced seamstress too. The attention to detail is amazing. I sewed a size 2 and the fit is spot on with no alterations.

I feel very put together in this dress – will definitely be making another one!

Until next time, happy sewing all!