I knew starting off that this month was going to be a little tricky to fit in any big sewing projects. Between a shorter month, starting a new job, and going to visit my family for a week, these two little stuffed animal kits were just the ticket for my February Minerva Crafts project!

I have been an avid fan of the Redwall series by Brian Jacques ever since I was about nine. Considering the main characters in those books are usually otters, badgers, mice, and squirrels, it wasn’t too difficult to choose which Toy Sewing Kits I wanted to make up.

For both of the animals, the instructions had you leave a small section open so that you could turn it right side out and stuff it. It looked so small that I felt sure at least one or two of the stitches would pop and I'd have to redo it, but both times it worked out perfectly. It's amazing how the ladder stitches seemed to disappear into the fur when I sewed the openings shut!

The kits come with all the pieces pre-cut, eyes and nose, and yarn for face and feet details. The instructions are very thorough with a few illustrations for any tricky bits. I decided to hand sew the toys, but it would have been just as easy to use my sewing machine. I prefer the amount of control I get when doing it by hand.

As you can see, the stuffed animals came together really well! I enjoyed every step of the process. I probably wouldn’t recommend this as the first project for someone just learning to sew since it can be a tad fiddly getting all the pieces together just right. However, if you have sewn a few projects already, this might be the perfect thing for practicing your sewing skills.

Probably my favorite thing about making these toys was inserting the eyes and nose. It was really neat to see how the process worked. Basically, the nose and eyes have posts at the back which are fitted snugly with a washer. It is amazingly simple, but so much fun! 

I cannot get over how adorable these turned out! They are so fluffy and snuggly. They will look super cute on my bed. To tell the truth, I cannot decide which I like better! The badger is so roly poly with a short, stubby little tail. But the otter has the pokey whiskers, long thick tail, and is such a beautiful caramel color. It's impossible to pick a favorite.

I also intended to sew up a pillowcase for my niece out of some adorable panda print Polycotton Fabric. My niece loves pandas and when I saw the fabric on the Minerva Crafts website, I realized it would make the best gift ever. Unfortunately, with everything going on this month, time slipped away from me and I didn’t find a chance to whip up the pillowcase. I’ll have include a picture of it along with my March make!

Have a jolly day!