Hello everyone. It’s me, Sophie! I’m finally back after three months away from the MCBN family. My husband and I have recently purchased our first home and moved in November. Going from a flat to a (older) house has its ups and downs. The downside is that it needs some fixing, and with a larger space, it’s easier to leave tiny messes around in every room. The upside is that I get my own sewing room (which I also had earlier) in addition to the storage area in the guest room! I know, I know, enough about the house let’s get down to crafting!

For this months post, I made my first Bellatrix Blazer, a pattern I’ve been eyeing from Papercut Patterns for a long time. I just wasn’t sure if blazer would be my thing, but looking at all the beautiful blazers being made up by this pattern I had to at least try. And giving my cardigans a break now and then would not hurt.

The pattern is a fully lined blazer with long sleeves, collar and welt pockets. There is two version in the pattern, version 1 is hip length hemline and version 2 is cropped to a waist length hemline.

I made version 2 of the pattern. I used this grey Herringbone Suiting Fabric as my main shell fabric, as a contrasting option for the collar and welt pockets I used Black Twill Suiting, and I wanted a fun, but not too much of a contrast lining, so I used a floral black Slinky Satin Fabric.

The fabric I chose for the pattern did fray as I cut it out, but other then that it was very sturdy and nice to work with, at least the twill and suiting, the slinky satin was a bit more tricky being so thin and slippery.

I’m very happy with this fabric and color combination, I was afraid it would look a bit too much like a tuxedo jacket, but I don’t care, as long as I like it, right? The slippery slinky satin makes it easier to slip into the sleeves with other sleeved garments I would have on underneath the blazer.

The only closure of the blazer is one single button, so I thought I try making my first fabric covered button. To make the button I used the Kit from Prym that comes with its own tools to make it. As I said earlier I haven’t made a fabric covered button before, but this kit blew my mind! It was so easy! I made the button in the same black twill suiting fabric so that the button would also be a contrast to the blazer. I only used one button from the kit, but you get seven buttons in one kit.

Today is the fifth day into the new lunar year, happy new year (chúc m?ng n?m m?i, in Vietnamese)! The last few days I’ve been gorging on good food, surrounding myself with friendly faces and thinking about all the things that make me happy. I hope you are too, not necessarily because it’s new years, but just because!

I hope you have liked my new post. I’m so happy to be back here at Minerva making stuff again after so much time away from crafting. You can find me on my Instagram handle @sopbac_ and my blog sopbac.com