This month I took on the epic challenge of sewing my first dress! I’m a big fan of the Sewing Patterns by Sew Over It so I took the plunge and bought the Betty Dress Pattern. I really love the vintage style and I was hoping that if it all went well this could be one of the dresses I wear to the many weddings I’m attending this summer!

After umming and ahhing over fabric choices I ended up opting for this simple polka dot cotton poplin fabric. I wanted a fairly light fabric for summer and I was hoping the pattern and colour might hide any mistakes I made! The fabric was beautifully light but quite tricky to sew with because every pin and every stitch seemed to split the fabric to leave tiny white line (disaster!). 

After panicking about this the first few times I realised in the grand scheme of things you could barely see them – but still – not good for my stress levels!

For this design I also had to sew my first ever invisible zip and I am ridiculously pleased with how it turned out. I followed the technique of loosely stitching together the two sides of the dress before sewing the zip in to help make sure everything lined up perfectly – and it worked like a charm! I also added iron on interfacing around the top of the bodice which really helped the shape as the fabric is so delicate.

I’m always a bit nervous about circle skirts as on me sometimes they can look a little ‘costumey’. But the betty dress skirt is just shy of a circle so it hangs really beautifully and you don’t feel like you have swathes of fabric bunches up around you.

The final length of the dress is more tea-dress than I was after so I took about 25cm off it the whole way round which I think makes it much more wearable. I’m really pleased with the end result, and the fact that I’ve actually completed my first ever dress! There were some fairly stressful moments, not least because I decided to sew the whole thing in one day – and if you want to see the real thoughts that ran through my head while sewing this then check out my blog post on that very subject! But – success!! Now to decide what to sew next!